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List of species of Decapoda
The Arctic Ocean is located between Eurasia and North America. It distinguishes three vast water areas: the Arctic Basin, the North European Basin and the Canadian Basin, where 11 seas are distinguished:
the Greenland Sea;
the Norwegian Sea;
the Barents Sea;
the White Sea;
the Kara Sea;
the Laptev Sea;
the East Siberian Sea;
the Chuckchee Sea;
the Beaufort Sea;
the Lincoln Sea;
the Baffin Bay.
The area of ​​the Arctic Ocean is 14.75 million km², the volume of water is 18.07 million km³. Average depth - 1225 m, maximum depth - 5527 m in the Greenland Sea. Most of the topography of the bottom of the Arctic Ocean is occupied by the shelf (more than 45% of the ocean floor) and the underwater margins of the continents (up to 70% of the bottom area). Due to its polar geographical position, the ice cover in the central part of the ocean is mobile and persists throughout the year.
Due to the consistently low water temperature throughout the entire Arctic Ocean, biodiversity of Decapoda in its basin is low. At present, 68 species are known in its Eurasian part, from the Barents Sea to the Chukchi Sea: 49 species of shrimps; 8 species of crabs; 6 species of hermit crabs, 2 species of galateids and 3 species of Lithodidae.
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