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New Books! Currently, there is a growing interest in the content in the home of various crustaceans. As you know, demand creates supply. And the market appears more and more different new species. Who are they and where did, sellers can not always tell. And his ignorance replaces various fantasies. For example, once on the Special Animal Market (Ptichiy Rynok) in Moscow for a long time I was assured that the sell crabs Uca own breeding. And they are bred, according to the seller in a trough in the country cottage in fresh water. All this is wonderful! Here are just Uca live on the shore of the tropical oceans. He needs the sand, heat and salt water in small amounts. Yes, and all of its development the larva is exclusively in the ocean water. This species of crab to fresh water tolerant also. But not for long ... And many such stories.
And it is not necessary to buy cancer, crab, shrimp and a hermit crab have what some shady characters who do not care, what to sell. Resting on the sea, many are beginning to glow a fiery love for new individual of crab. And most certainly pull it home. And that's what he needs for a normal life? This can be found digging in the literature or on the Internet. But it is easier to do it, if you know the name of your "beast."
Our website is devoted to problems of maintenance of Decapod crustaceans in captivity and the problems of determination of their species.
Illustrated guide of DECAPODA for Atlantic sector of Antarctic and surrounding waters.
Atlas of Decapoda of Russia
Систематика отряда Decapoda Caridea Brachyura Macrura Reptantia Anomura
Внешнее строение Decapoda If you have an unidentified crab, cancer, shrimp or hermit crab, we can assist in the determination of his species. For this we need photos, as well as to specify where it came from.
You can identify this species by oneself through intermediary of located key on this site:
1. Black Sea
2. South Atlantic
3. Barents Sea
4. Seas of Far East
5. Some tropical Decapoda, from petshops
Определитель для Черного моря Определитель для Юго-Западной Атлантики Определитель для Баренцева моря Определитель для морей Дальнего Востока Традиционные аквариумные виды
Also you can see biotopes of some Decapod Crustations.
Черное море Азовское море Баренцево море Охотское море Тропики


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