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List of species of Decapoda
The Southern part of Pacific Ocean is located in the southern hemisphere between Australia and South America, from the equator to the border with the Southern Ocean. Here are also located: a part of Southeast Asia and Indo-Pacific. In the northwestern part there are a large number of islands located on the tops of underwater mountain ranges. In the western part of South Pacific there are many underwater ridges: Norfolk, Louisville, etc., as well as uplifts: Lord Howe, Chatham, Campbell Plateau, etc. In the central part of the South Pacific is the South Pacific Trough, which is bounded in the west by the island arcs of Tonga, Kermadec and New Zealand, the Macquarie Ridge, in the north by the underwater bases of the ridges forming the Cook and Tubuai Islands, in the east and south by the South Pacific Rise and East Pacific Rise, which divide the South Pacific bottom into two
unequal parts and are accompanied by branches. In the eastern part of the South Pacific, there are much fewer seamounts. There are the underwater ridges of Nazca, Sala-i-Gomez, Carnegie and Cocos.
In the South Pacific located 18 seas, 10 of which are located between the islands of Southeast Asia, 4 are in the western part, and 4 more seas are in the Pacific sector of the Antarctic.
1. Bali Sea
2. Sea Banda
3. Moluccan Sea
4. Sea of Halmaher
5. Seram Sea
6. New Guinea Sea (Bismarck Sea)
7. Sea Sawu
8. Sea Flores
9. Solomon Sea
  10. Java Sea
11. Tasman Sea
12. Sea of Fiji
13. Sea of Koro
14. Coral Sea
15. Somov Sea
16. Ross Sea
17. Amundsen Sea
18. Bellingshausen Sea
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