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The Mediterranean Sea is located between Europe, Africa and the Middle East. In origin, it is a deep-sea pseudoabyssal intrashelf depression associated in the west with the northeastern Atlantic Ocean through the Strait of Gibraltar, and in the southeast with the Mediterranean Sea connected with the Red Sea through the Suez Canal.
The area is 2500 thousand km². The volume of water is 3839 thousand km³. The average depth is 1541 m, the maximum depth is in the Central Basin and is 5121 m.
The hydrological regime of the Mediterranean Sea is formed under the influence of high evaporation and general climatic conditions.
Evaporation of fresh water predominates over its inflow and leads to a decrease in the water level in the Mediterranean basin, which causes an influx of less salty surface water from the Atlantic Ocean and the Black Sea. The salinity of the water is 38.4—38.7 ‰.
Since antiquity, 15 inland seas have been distinguished in the Mediterranean basin:
1. Alboran Sea;
2. Balearic Sea;
3. Ligurian Sea;
4. Tyrrhenian Sea;
5. Sardinian Sea;
6. Ionian Sea;
7. Adriatic Sea;
8. Aegean Sea;
9. Libyan Sea;
10. Thracian Sea;
11. Myrtoan Sea;
12. Cretan Sea;
13. Ikarian Sea;
14. Cilician Sea;
15. Levantine Sea.
The Marmara, Black and Azov seas belong to the Mediterranean basin also.
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