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List of species of Decapoda Azov-Black Sea Basin (ABS)
Photo of Decapoda Habitat
The Black Sea is one of the Mediterranean seas of the Atlantic Ocean. The Bosphorus strait connects it with the Sea of ​​Marmara, which connects with the Mediterranean through the Dardanelles. In the north, the Kerch Strait connects it with the Azov Sea. In the west, its waters wash the eastern shores of the Balkan Peninsula, in the north it is bounded by the East European Plain, in the east by the Caucasian coast and the Colchis lowland, and in the south by the coast of Asia Minor. The Black Sea and Azov Sea together form the Azov-Black Sea Basin.
The species composition of Decapoda in the Azov-Black Sea basin is not constant. The "introduction" of new species from the Mediterranean Sea and other regions of the world ocean is under way.
Traditional species, which live here have disappearing, because there are changes in the environment that no longer meet their needs.
Currently, 41 species of Decapoda are recorded in the Black Sea.
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