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List of species of Decapoda Azov-Black Sea Basin (ABS)
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The Azov Sea is a semi-enclosed sea of ​​the Atlantic Ocean in the east of Europe. The shallowest sea in the world: the depth does not exceed 13.5 meters, the average depth is about 7.4 m.It is connected with the Atlantic Ocean by a long chain of straits and seas: the Kerch Strait - Black Sea - Bosphorus Strait - Sea of ​​Marmara - Dardanelles Strait - Aegean Sea - Mediterranean Sea - Strait of Gibraltar. In terms of distance from the ocean, the Sea of ​​Azov is the most continental sea on the planet.
The surface area is 37,800 km².
The catchment area of ​​the Azov Sea basin is 586,000 km².
In winter, there is partial or complete freezing, while the ice is carried into the Black Sea through the Kerch Strait.
Sea currents are influenced by north-east and south-west winds and therefore often change direction. The main is a circular current along the coast of the sea counterclockwise.
The hydrochemical characteristics of the Sea of ​​Azov are formed under the influence of the influx of river waters (up to 12% of the water volume) and water exchange with the Black Sea. Before the regulation of the Don on the surface, the salinity of the sea varied from 1 ‰ at the mouth of the Don to 10.5 ‰ in the central part of the sea and 11.5 ‰ near the Kerch Strait. After the creation of the Tsimlyansk hydroelectric complex, the salinity of the sea began to rise. By 1977, the average salinity of the sea increased to 13.8 ‰, and in the Taganrog Bay - to 11.2 ‰. In the greater part of the sea, the water became saline up to 14-14.5 ‰. During the period of relatively high humidity (1979-1982), salinity decreased to 10.9 ‰, but by 2000 its value increased and stabilized at 11‰.. Average seasonal fluctuations in salinity rarely reach 1-2 ‰.
12 species of Decapoda have been recorded in the Azov Sea.
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