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The Kuril Islands are an archipelago on the border of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. Located between Hokkaido Island and Kamchatka Peninsula. Includes more than 30 relatively large islands, many small islands and individual rocks. The total area is 15.6 thousand km2. It consists of two parallel ridges of islands (representing the tops of powerful underwater ridges) - the Great Kuril ridge, stretched for 1200 km, and bordering its southern tip from the east of the Lesser Kuril ridge (120 km), separated by the South Kuril Strait. The northern continuation of the Lesser Kuril Ridge is the underwater Vityaz Ridge. All islands are separated by the different Kuril Straits.
Deep straits - Strite of Kruzenshtern and Bussol divide the Great Range into 3 groups of islands: northern (Shumshu, Atlasov, Paramushir, Makanrushi, Avos, Onekotan, Harimkotan, Chirinkotan, Ekarma, Shiashkotan, a group of Trap rocks), Rasnaya , the group of islands of the Middle and Ushishir, Ketoy, Simushir) and the southern (Broughton Islands, Black Brothers, Urup, Iturup, Kunashir). The Small Kuril ridge includes 6 islands (Shikotan, Polonsky, Zeleny, Yuri, Anuchina, Tanfilieva) and 2 groups of rocks.
Near the islands of the northern and middle groups, even in August, the temperature of coastal waters does not exceed 5–6 ° С.
__ Decapoda species have been recorded in the Kuril Islands area.
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